Private Pole Session [$50.00 per 1 hr.]

Any level of student can take advantage of this private session.

Sassy Abs & Booty [$15.00 per class][1 hr.]

An intense 30 minute lower body workout class that focuses on sculpting abdominal muscles and shaping the gluteus.

Booty Beat [$15.00 per class][1 hr.]

This ultimate sexy fun cardio class uses hot dance moves incorporated into an easy to follow fat burning routine.

Pilates [$15.00 per class][1/2 hr.]

This beginner friendly class builds flexibility, strength, endurance and coordination without adding muscle bulk. This 30 minute body conditioning routine is sure to sculpt your core muscles through controlled movements done as mat exercises.

Open Pole [$15.00 per class][1 hr.]

An open pole hour to practice your pole choreography and tricks under the supervision of one of our instructors.

Zumba [$15.00 per class][1 hr.]

This class is a full hour of high energy, booty shacking FUN! It is a fusion of Latin & International music choreographed to tone & sculpt the entire body.

Video Vixen [$15.00 per class][1 hr.]

Each class will teach you a new sexy dance routine to a popular music video.

Pole Fitness [$15.00 per class][1 hr.]

This class will focus on muscle building and toning while incorporating strength building exercises with the use of the pole as a center & stabilizer.

Chair Dance [$15.00] [1 hr.]

Each week learn a new flirty chair routine that you can perform at home! Learn confidence and work your assets while you burn calories.

Kick boxing [$15.00][1 hr.]

A high intensity cardio workout designed to fight calories and beat down stress!

Pole Sampler [$15.00][1/2 hr.]

Learn some pole dance basics in a 30 minute class. All fitness levels are welcome! have fun learning a sexy pole dance routine while working all your muscle groups and increasing flexibility.

Rock & Roll Yoga [$15.00][1 hr.]

Let's rock out and do some yoga. This class combines traditional yoga core strengthening and balance poses to classic songs from Aerosmith, The Beatles, Journey and more!

Sassy Shake & Tone[$15.00][1 hr.]

Get a total body workout, build coordination and muscle endurance in this fun 1 hour class.

Hot Yoga[$15.00][1/2 hr.]

In this 1 hour class we crank up the heat between 90°F and 100°F. As you practice your yoga poses the heat will help to increase your flexability and detoxify the body. You will need to bring a hot yoga mat or a beach towel to class and come prepared to sweat!

Intro To Belly Dance[$15.00][1 hr.]

Find your natural feminine movement and set it to a rhythm. This form of dance uses muscles that can be hard to develop through other methods. Learn the art of Cabaret, Tribal, Fusion and more! Belly Dance your way to a beautiful body and unleash your sassy goddess!

Hot Ballet[$15.00][1 hr.]

This unique class offers a routine designed to incorporate traditional ballet conditioning exercises with a stretching flow. Let go of your expectations and join us as we fire up our inner dancer, while improving our strength in the lower body and core. Come sweat out toxins for a full 60 minutes in up to 105 degree temperatures. Suitable for all levels and no ballet experience is required. If you’re looking for something fun and all together different then this class is for you!

Hip Hop Power Fusion[$15.00][1 hr.]

A fusion of Yoga, Core Exercises, Light Weight Resistance and Circuit Training in a hour long class set to the latest hip hop club bangers. Try something new and challenge your body with this unique workout.

Twirly Girl Beginner Class *[$25.00][1 hr.]

A beginner pole class that introduces students to basic spins and floor work. Each week build your skill and confidence. Most students advance in as little as 4 weeks, depending on attendance and practice.
*Pole Sampler is required before registering for this class.

Sexy stretch[$8.00][1/2 hr.]

A 30 minute class that focuses on increasing flexibility and improving blood flow to muscles. Perfect for ladies who want to conquer the splits.

Pole Choreography *[$15.00][1 hr.]

Put on your stilettos and bring your sexy! This class incorporates spins, transitions and floor work into a choreographed routine. Beginners as well as advanced students are welcome.
*Pole Sampler is required for students with no pole experience.

Ballet Barre[$15.00][1 hr.]

This workout incorporates low weights and ballet based movements to tone arms and tighten derrières. If you desire a tight and lean ballerina figure this class is perfect for toning without adding mass.

Chair Fit[$15.00][1 hr.]

This one hour class is designed to tone all major muscle groups while using a chair as a fitness prop. Work your arms, legs and abs using a chair, weights and a yoga mat.

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